Monday, August 09, 2010

An evening in Oxford

Yesterday afternoon I wandered into the Lamb & Flag, an Oxford pub that has connections with Tolkien and C.S. Lewis - though not such strong connections as the Eagle & Child across the road.

After I had ordered a drink the man at the bar next to me said: "Is it Jonathan? Jonathan Calder?"

It turned out that I was and he turned out to be the former Liberal Democrat Voice stalwart Richard Huzzey.

I spent the evening with him, his fiancée and friends. We went for a curry and came second in a pub quiz. Very enjoyable and very Oxford.

Last year I got a lunch invitation through Twitter while I was on my literary pilgrimage to Swindon. These social media really can make us more sociable.


Ken said...

It was a pleasure and a surprise to meet you! Thanks for your contributions to the pub quiz, I look forward to hearing more about your travels.

Jonathan Calder said...

If I had known you were half of Militant Moderate I would have been even more impressed. Bring it back!