Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Floella Benjamin to be Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor?

Today's Daily Mirror includes the striking headline:


The story beneath it, by James Lyons, suggests that the new Liberal Democrat peer Floella Benjamin is being lined up as our candidate in the next London Mayoral contest.

As Lyons puts it:
Lib Dem chiefs hope the huge affection still felt for Lady Benjamin by people who watched her or let their children see her TV shows would give her a big boost in the 2012 contest. They also think she can stop oddball ex-MP Lembit Opik, who dated a Cheeky Girl before losing his Westminster seat in May, embarrassing the party by becoming the candidate.
I belong to a generation that would be more impressed to have Valerie Singleton or Brian Cant as a candidate, but I wish her well.

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burkesworks said...

Excellent call with Brian Cant there, and he has plenty of experience of what mayoralty is all about what with his stint in Trumpton, where the town hall was at the centre of life and things were run efficiently. Wonder if he is a Lib Dem?

edjoyce said...

I would prefer Lembit. He has been a party member for a long time and is committed to liberal values. To win this we need to have an experienced electoral campaigner who understands the mechanics of elections and I believe Lembit is the best option.
Ed Joyce

Anonymous said...

I heard Floella speak at a Lib Dem event before the election and wasn't that impressed.

What's needed isn't a micro celebrity but someone with real political experience in London. Is Susan Kramer interested? Or any current or former Assemby Member?