Friday, August 20, 2010

Six of the Best 84

Quaequam Blog! wakes up and points out the ridiculous position Labour has got itself into on public services: "Labour pledged at the last election to halve the deficit within four years; the coalition plan to half the deficit within three years. Labour planned a 70:30 cuts:tax rises package and conspicuously didn’t rule out raising VAT; the Coalition plan a 77:23 cut:tax rises package which includes raising VAT. While the Coalition’s cuts are undeniable steeper than what Labour intended, Labour has made it clear that they oppose number of cuts to non-frontline services that the Coalition is introducing – specifically by scrapping the National Identity Register, ContactPoint and prison places. These ringfenced spending plans would have to be paid for out of increased cuts to frontline services."

A scandal here in Wales: Peter Black reports on the interim chief executive of S4C's apparently inaccurate claim to have been the editor of Panorama. Still, the channel does have a very good animated show featuring elephants speaking Welsh. I think it could catch on more widely.

Caron's Musings reminds us about the Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year Awards.

An interesting new campaigning technique has emerged. Writing on Lib Dem Voice, Sara Bedford reveals that Nick Norman has won a seat on Seaford Town Council while on honeymoon.

Kevin Feltham writes about the campaign that resisted the Co-op's plans to build an "eco-town" in the Leicestershire countryside near Stoughton.

Alexei Sayle tells us: "There will be a big extract from my memoir in the Sunday Times Magazine this Sunday the 22nd. Apart from extracts from the book there are also family photos of me as a child which even I find perplexing as to how that sweet looking infant grew up into me."

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crewegwyn said...

S4C is a curious mix of the excellent (some of its arts, music and countryside coverage. And sport), the ordinary (news, some of its documentaries), and the poor (comedy).

Not sure where the elephants fit in that scale.

And the scandal/ storm in a teacup [delete as necessary] over the chap's cv has nothing to do with the virtues of the channel.