Sunday, January 10, 2010

Britblog Roundup 255: This week with added video

Welcome to this week's selection of the best in British blogging.


As you see, we start with something new: a video. It comes from Paul Staines' Guido Fawkes blog.
I have sometimes been puzzled by Guido's pre-eminence in British blogging - why is there such a readership for stories about Gordon Brown picking his nose? - but this film on "The Hubris of Nick Robinson" is a classy production and explains what the blog does with all those interns. Guido is promising more good things in the run up to the general election.
Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice Mark Pack looks forward to the debates between the main party leaders at that election, making 10 predictions. One of them is that "there will be a battle over worms".
The New Adventures of Juliette probably will not enjoy watching David Cameron in those debates: she objects to seeing a:
giant poster of David Cameron's weirdly smooth, wholesome, lineless, boneless-looking pinky-beige face gazing earnestly down at me from a great big fuck-off billboard".
And Gordon Brown had better not try arguing that liberal voters support his policies: Mark Reckons isn't having any of it.
Around the world
If you really can't face the prospect of those debates, you could try moving abroad.
Where to choose?
Odessablog helpfully points out that Ukraine is the 68th best place to live.
There may be a lot wrong with Spain too, but Thoughts from Galicia has discovered a journalist who believes you are not entitled to mention them unless you are Spanish yourself.
Or you could go to Africa, though Charles Crawford explains that you may find yourself officially the only gay in the continent.
Maybe you would do better in Paris, which On An Overgrown Path has visited.
Around Britain
Go Litel Blog, Go has found a poem by John Clare that is relevant to our current weather:
And in the morning, when the tempest drops,
At every cottage door mountainous heaps
Of snow lie drifted, that all entrance stops
Until the besom and the shovel gain
The path, and leave a wall on either side.
Earthpal describes a current-day struggle with the white stuff. And Musings from a Muddy Island allows us to enjoy scenes of Mersea Island in the snow.
Unmitigated England describes a visit to the landscaped gardens and follies of Stowe which may just have passed on his enthusiasm for such things to his sons.
And English Buildings explains his ambition of "slowing down the buildings".

Just because the people who run internet companies like jellybeans and snowboarding, it doesn't mean they can always be trusted to do the right thing.
The Bristol Blogger reports that earlier this week Wordpress took his blog and a couple of other blogs down without warning or explanation. It turned out that this was because each carried posts about the former vice chancellor of the University of the West of England, Sir Howard Newby.
It transpired that the pressure on Wordpress came not from shit-hot international libel lawyers but the rather less minatory figure of the director of legal services at the University of Liverpool, which is Sir Howard's new employer.
EcoLogics was another of the blogs caught up in this row and provides its own account of the affair. And Bristle’s Blog from the BunKRS asks why Liverpool is so reticent about Sir Howard's appointment.
Communication takes many forms. Geoff Jones, for instance, is having trouble unlocking his iPhone.
And The Misssy M Misssives celebrates the demise of thank you letters. Me, though I was never that good at them, I cannot note the passing of old-fashioned civility without a little sadness. Besides, the more is see "the 1950s" used as shorthand for all that the writer things is wrong with Britain, the more I want to defend that much traduced decade.
My advice is to search out the Molesworth Self Adjusting Thank You Letter.
The blog 1930 to 1960, which is probably rather keener on the fifties, has found a precursor to the popular modern children's novel Goodnight Mr Tom that was published in 1943.
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