Thursday, January 14, 2010

Test drilling resumes in Nottinghamshire oilfield

It sounds like a story from Lord Bonkers' Diary, but it is true.

I once wrote about the oil wells in Nottinghamshire that contributed some three million barrels to the Allied effort in World War II.

This evening's East Midlands television news reported that exploratory drilling is taking place n this oilfield to see if it can be exploited further.

IBTimes has the story:

UK and France oil explorer Egdon Resources says drilling has begun at the Dukes Wood-1 well in Nottinghamshire. Operations are expected to take around two weeks.

This is the first well in evaluation of the rejuvenation potential at the Eakring-Dukes Wood oil field, where Egdon has identified low- risk opportunities to add production, revenues and reserves.

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Simon Titley said...

On the opposite bank of the Trent, there have been oil wells in Lincolnshire for many years. You can see 'nodding donkeys' along the banks of the Trent between Torksey and Gainsborough, while the largest oilfield is around Welton, north-east of Lincoln.

On my regular visits to Lincoln, however, I have seen no sign yet of the city becoming a new Dallas.

For more details, see: