Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green blogger: Many Lib Dems "defecting to the BNP"

There is a bizarre claim on the blog of Lib Dem turned Green Jo Anglezarke. Discussing the David Jack affair she says:
it confirms the view that many members of the Lib Dems are latent racists, many indeed defecting to the BNP.
[Later. David Jack was subsequently exonerated.]

It would be interesting to know what evidence Jo has for her assertion that many Liberal Democrats are defecting to the BNP.

I did link to Jo's blog for a time when she was a Liberal Democrat. But I recall her as being more preoccupied with appearing in Lib Dem Voice's "Golden Dozen" than was healthy and an occasionally prickly correspondent. (It seems I was not alone in this experience.)

Still, Jo's new blog does link to Alexei Sayle's blog. I had not seen this before, so thanks to her for the tip.

Thanks to a comment on an earlier post.

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John said...

What do you expect from a member of the Greens?

crewegwyn said...

The last Lib Dem to BNP defection round these parts was so long ago that I think it was to the NF.

A chap who was unwisely recruited, and even more unwisely allowed to contest a council seat, who later decided that the NF was more to his taste.

On the general point I would think that few Lib Dem members would switch to BNP; Lib Dem voters perhaps a few more [of the "sod the establishment" type].

Paul Walter said...

Jo is a lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

Of course it’s little over a year ago that Keith Bessant, Green parliamentary candidate in two consecutive general elections, metamorphosised from a tree-hugging Green Party Parliamentary Candidate into a far-right goose-stepping BNP Member.

What concerns me is that the Brighton Greens are doing star-jumps over a link the Tory candidate RTed. A link to a silly article comparing the GP to the BNP. Some Green Party members have set up a ‘Sack Her’ facebook page as a result. So shouldn’t Ms Anglezarke have her membership terminated – Clean Campaign Pledge anyone.

Hywel said...

My comment asking that she provide some evidence to back up her claims is mysteriously unpublished as yet.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Miss Anglezarke is under the false impression that because see is not naming individual she free from a legal challenge; she is wrong. Does anyone know if she really was a Lib Dem employee – I thought she used to work for the council.

Hywel said...

Still not published...

crewegwyn said...

Nor mine (last time I checked)

Alix said...

I think we can give the Greens as a whole the benefit of the doubt on this one. I recall Jo as being quite, um, brittle. I'm sure they're having great fun getting to know her.

For whoever is asking, I had an impression that she did some work for Jeremy Browne's office, though perhaps voluntarily.

Dave Page said...

There remains the fact that the Green Party here in the North-West campaigned on a slogan of "vote Green to stop the BNP" which was both unlikely before the election and proven wrong by it.

I wouldn't have minded so much had they used some other campaign messages, but if they really wanted to stop the BNP, they should have encouraged their supporters to vote for pretty much anybody other than the Greens. I don't think it's unreasonable under that circumstance to point out that their electioneering was of benefit to the BNP.