Thursday, January 07, 2010

Britblog Roundup returning to Liberal England

A late change in the rota means that I shall be hosting the Britblog Roundup on Sunday.

If you have seen a posting on a British blog over the past week that you think particularly fine, please send the URL to britblog [AT] gmail [DOT] com and I shall include it.

Nominating a posting for the Britblog Roundup is a good way of promoting a blog that you think deserves more readers. And you are welcome to nominate a posting on your own blog too.

All nominations by Sunday lunchtime please.

Incidentally, for the first time I can remember I did not post a link to the most recent Roundup. That was because it ignored the Roundup's long-established tradition of being reasonably politically neutral and turned into a rant against bloggers who did not share the editors' own views. No doubt you could find it by Googling.

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