Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wikio Top Lib Dem Blogs, January 2010

I picked these monthly summaries up when Charlotte Gore decided she was too important to do them. (She has since decided hers is no longer a Liberal Democrat blog - hence her absence from the list this month - but appears still to be thriving.)

Next month I shall be passing the summary on to Mark Pack, who has kindly agreed to take over the baton.

Mark is our only new entry this month, so with Lynne Featherstone dropping out of the top 100 and Charlotte sending back the Lib Dem coupon, we down to 14 blogs in the top 100. And there are more fallers than climbers this time, particularly at the top end.

Let's hope Mark brings us better luck next month.

1 (4) Liberal Democrat VoiceClimbs 1
2 (15) Mark ReckonsNon mover
3 (39) Liberal EnglandFalls 7
4 (46) Caron's MusingsFalls 5
5 (48) Liberal VisionFalls 2
6 (50) Stephen's Linlithgow JournalFalls 5
7 (56) Quaequam Blog!Falls 12
8 (57) Peter BlackClimbs 5
9 (61)Miss S B (Jennie Rigg) Climbs 4
10 (67)Mark PackNew entry
11 (75)Andrew Reeves' Running BlogClimbs 1
12 (79)People's Republic of MortimerFalls 10
13 (96)Bracknell BlogClimbs 4
14 (100)Always Win When You're SingingFalls 9

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