Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lord Bonkers' Diary: The By-election Islands


By a great stroke of luck, I spied land after only a few hours at sea. By an even greater stroke of luck, it turned out to be the By-election Islands – discovered and named by my very own great great grandfather. (He made landfall at a time when the natives were involved in a ceremony involving a box with a slot in the top and pieces of bark marked using an X by burnt sticks, and put two and two together).

The British Consul turned out to be a decent sort and I soon find myself returning home on a flying boat via Gibraltar, La Rochelle and Staines Reservoir.

Earlier this week:

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dreamingspire said...

I am so relieved, 'cos I was afraid that he might be speaking from beyond the grave. Or perhaps by bush telegraph from some coral idyll.