Monday, January 25, 2010

David Jack and CreditCardKiller

Later. David Jack was subsequently exonerated.

Last week I wrote about the resignation of David Jack as the Lib Dem PPC for Stoke North after claims that he had sent racist emails. I also pointed you to the Stoke-based Pits n Pots site, which reported:
Mr Jack denies that he sent the emails. Tonight he claimed that he 'was out on the lash' with twenty other individuals at the time when the alleged emails were sent. 
He also claims that he is a victim of a smear campaign in relation to a upcoming court hearing to be heard in the Royal Courts of Justice on March 24th. 
Mr Jack claims that there are a number of companies that have acted illegally with regards to consumer debt. 
He said that he makes no apologies for protecting the interests of consumers.
With this in mind, it is interesting to find a press release from a Dawn Pugh on the PR Fire website. This appears to be a site to which anyone can submit a release without charge.

Pugh's release is headed "David Jack to be Arrested Over Racist Email Attack", though nothing in the subsequent text substantiates the assertion that Jack is to be arrested.

The release claims that:
Mr David Jack, has made numerous comments and posts on consumer forums such as and, as well as on his own website, where he has been allowed to make totally unfounded and malicious comments about CreditCardKiller, its Directors and Debt Consultants. The constant abusive language and taunts went unchecked by these forums, which are often hosted abroad outside the reach of UK law.
It goes on to make more startling claims:
CreditCardKiller has dealt with not only David Jack's making unfounded attacks against its trading practices, but also Regulators that harbour inaccurate opinions and facts, breach Human Rights Laws with the intention of furthering a smear campaign to drive the Company out of business. 
They are as much to blame for David Jack's other comments as he is, as they have flooded the media and internet with accusations that they have never proven. It is time they stop misleading consumers and retracted statements before a more serious event transpires from individuals acting on statements which they believe to be true.
Those who wish to learn more about CreditCardKiller should visit its website.


Anonymous said...

David Jack has verbally abused other forum members at:

Anonymous said...

I’m convinced the guy has been framed, I don’t know if he had his computer hacked or if he left his blackberry or phone unattended in the pub. He has made some powerful enemies at CreditCardKillers; there is clearly a campaign to discredit him with claims he has a drink-drive conviction and avoided tax, what better way to smear him than an accusation of racism. It has given some of our opponents a field day, Greenie Jo Anglezarke claims “many members of the Lib Dems are latent racists, many indeed defecting to the BNP.” Now remind me which party had the embarrassment of a PPC defecting to the BNP “because it has better environmental policies” it wouldn’t be the Green Party would it?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Green candidate in Great Yarmouth is standing down in order to support and help the Tory candidate.