Thursday, January 21, 2010

Western Morning News: Local Tories dislike Cameron and lack confidence

Some interesting observations on the state of West Country Conservatism from Matt Chorley, the London editor of the Western Morning News:
speaking to MPs and PPCs from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset there is a distinct lack of confidence, even in private.

They talk about “hanging on” to seats, “picking up one or two” others. Don’t forget the Tories need to win an extra 10 seats in the three counties, all but one from the Lib-Dems, to secure a majority of just one.

One Tory MP told me: “There is uncertainty over Cameron in the South West, largely because our Tories tend to be a bluer shade of blue. There was over Thatcher in 1979 as well. They are yet to be convinced.”

Another MP talks of there being “no love” for the Tory leader.

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