Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let's see what Eric Pickles is made of

Colin Breed, the Liberal Democrat MP for South East Cornwall, has issued a challenge to Eric Pickles, the Chairman of the Conservative Party.

A few days ago Pickles described Paddy Ashdown as "frail and confused" after the former Lib Dem leader said the South West had been "trampled on" by previous Tory administrations.

Now Breed has challenged Pickles to:
"visit Cornwall and Devon and meet Mr Ashdown. Perhaps first they could 'yomp' across Dartmoor."
Turning the irony up to 11, Breed went on:
"I can assure Mr Pickles we have very long memories in the South West and we would love to see him down here.

"Of course I suspect he would have passed out on a boggy patch a few hundred yards after trying to keep up with the frail and clearly decrepit Paddy Ashdown."
Let's see if Pickles will have the courage to take up this challenge.

Come on, Eric, show us what you're made of!


Frank Little said...

Pickles is but a pale shadow of Cyril Smith.

iain said...

Well our Tory candidate is 71. I would never describe her as confused or feeble minded. Nevertheless it is clear that many of her party members entertain such thought.