Saturday, January 09, 2010

Peter Watt on Gordon Brown

Tomorrow's Mail on Sunday has an article based on the memoirs of Peter Watt, a former Labour Party general secretary.

Various claims are made:
  • Mr Brown’s Cabinet ally Douglas Alexander said the PM’s inner circle wanted an early Election partly because even they didn’t like him – and they feared the British public would soon form the same view.
  • The day Mr Brown called off the 2007 Election, denying he had ever intended to hold one, Labour chiefs had a fleet of limousines circling Parliament Square ready to take Ministers on the campaign trail, and had 1.5million leaflets ready to be posted.
  • No10 is ‘completely dysfunctional’ under Mr Brown, who runs the country ‘by making it up as he goes along’.
  • Sulking Mr Brown walked out of a Downing Street dinner party with US politicians because they sat down without his permission.
The article also claims that:

Mr Watt also reveals for the first time the inside story of the ‘Donorgate’ scandal which led to his resignation when The Mail on Sunday exposed how tycoon David Abrahams had secretly given £600,000 to Labour in other people’s names, in breach of electoral laws.

Mr Watt claims the scandal was not his fault and alleges Mr Brown ‘stabbed him in the back’ by pledging to stand by him, hours before branding him a criminal in public.

That at least explains why Watt has written this book and sold the serialisation rights to the Mail.

Iain Dale has more on the background to this book and the Mail story.


Anonymous said...

This man is 'hideous' to say the least. Yes, you may have fallen out with your former 'boss'; and, no, I'm not voting Labour at the next election; but just find it heinous that all these former Labour bunch are now stabbing Brown in the back, calling for a change of leadership at a time when there's no clear alternative -unless, of course they're just trying to get someone in place that will 'reward' them with ministerial posts if, by some fluke, Labour were to win the election with a new leader.

Disgraceful behaviour from Watts and the other two this week who tried to oust Brown.

Even if you've all fallen out with Brown, don't try and make money out of it. I hope the memoirs don't sell!

Anonymous said...

Hold on, if this man is hideous what about Ed Balls and his merry band of pranksters like Damien McBride?

By Labour standards, this man is behaving like a saint.