Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lord Bonkers' Diary: The year ahead

The end of another week at Bonkers Hall.


We stand upon the verge of a new political year (informed sources tell me to expect a general election, probably on a Thursday in the first five months). I foresee that global warming will continue to be a major concern of the world’s parliamentarians – what a blessing it was that everyone got home from Copenhagen before the snow set in! Oh, and do not expect preparations for the London Olympics to be complete for at least another two years.

Nearer to home, my bell tower is in need of renovation and repair, but I assure you I shall not be seeking public monies to fund the work. My maze is also in need of some attention; I shall tell Meadowcroft to undertake a little replanting and shall ask the people at the Department of Hard Sums, University of Rutland at Belvoir, to simplify their design a little. Tongues wag in the village if too many people fail to emerge from the thing.

Earlier this week:

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