Monday, January 25, 2010

Council Street, Kibworth Beauchamp

While I was a district councillor in the 1980s the residents of this quiet little road in Kibworth petitioned to have its named changed. Which is why it is today called Stuart Street and not Council Street.

Perhaps they had all bought their houses?


Anonymous said...

In any competition for the least attractive street name in the country Leicester's Avenue Road Extension, which runs from Welford Road to the end of, er, Avenue Road, would be a strong contender.

crewegwyn said...

What about Stryd Baw Ieir, Conwy?

[Translates as Chicken Shit Street]

The Tripod said...

I lived on Avenue Road Extension when I was a student at The University Of Leicester. Following my two year experience living there, I'd say the name is quite befitting!