Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nevill Holt Story of the Day

Just before Christmas I noted the story that David Ross, the owner of Nevill Holt, was to be questioned by police following allegations of an assault outside Bonkers House his Belgravia home.

Out of fairness - and in my new role as chronicler of all things to do with Nevill Holt - I should record that Sniezana Kobeniak, the young lady involved, has now withdrawn her allegation.

Writing on the Guardian website, Roy Gleenslade is scathing about the whole affair:
It may not be the concluding episode in this odd saga, because the police are supposedly continuing with their inquiries (why?), but it must surely rank as one of the greatest non-stories of all time.
Lord Bonkers adds: Well said, The press can be Terribly Unfair. I recall an unfortunate misunderstaning in 1932...


dreamingspire said...

Tell us more, Lord B.

wolfi said...

250 Pounds an hour - is that the usual rate for consorts now ?