Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peter Gabriel: Here Comes the Flood

We last saw Gabriel with long hair and a silly hat as the lead singer with Genesis on I Know What I Like in Your Wardrobe.

That was 1974. By 1979 he had left the band and issued a couple of solo albums. Like the better known Solsbury Hill, this song comes from the first of them. And it is certainly better than the later Don't Give Up, which is all you hear from him on the radio these days.

Here Comes the Flood has an apocalyptic feel to it, though a page about the song suggests it was inspired by a dream Gabriel had in which "people could see each other's thoughts, producing a psychic flood".

This version comes from a Kate Bush special broadcast in 1979 - hence the rather arch introduction. I have no memory of watching the programme, but it would be surprising if I didn't.

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Bishop Hill said...

Fantastic. I saw him on stage the following year at a charity show, doing that song in just the same way. (My first ever gig BTW).