Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hilary Benn on Top of the Form

The TV Cream page on Top of the Form says:
Grammar-school only institution, with singular absence of “new” comprehensive representatives. Prize was simply “taking part”, the swines.
This cannot be true, as the photograph on the page has Holland Park (a deeply fashionable comprehensive in the 1960s) as one of the two schools taking part.

Now go to that page, click on the photograph to get a larger version and see who is second from the left in the Holland Park team.

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Robbie Fields said...

I was bottom row, far right!

Hilary was a very nice chap at HPS.

He had been at the Westminster Under School and I had been at Westminster until the 6th form.

We hardly knew each other until the TOTF audition(s) but became quite friendly subsequently and started playing Sunday football together in Hyde Park.

Now does anyone have access to recordings of either of the 2 Holland Park appearances that season on TOTF?