Thursday, January 07, 2010

David Ross and his Market Harborough property empire

In recent days the national press has been more interested in the news that David Ross - the owner of Nevill Holt, which most literary scholars now accept was the model for Bonkers Hall - has been questioned by police over an escort girl’s claims that she was assaulted outside his London house.

But the Harborough Mail has picked up the story about his business troubles. This is of particular interest here in Market Harborough, because there has been much gossip about the amount of commercial property he has been buying in the town.

The Mail story fills in some of the details:

Fears are growing over tycoon David Ross's portfolio of substantial business interests in Harborough town centre.

Reports in the national press say the co-founder of Carphone Warehouse, who owns a mansion in the Harborough district, is experiencing financial difficulties at his real estate firm Kandahar, which has reportedly breached the covenant on its bank loan.

Kandahar owns the St Mary's Place shopping centre in Harborough, as well as the two buildings in High Street which house the Subway restaurant and the Monsoon clothes shop.

Ross is, of course, a prominent supporter of David Cameron. According to Peter Oborne, writing a year ago at the outset of the tycoon's troubles, he has donated more than £140,000 to the Conservative Party.

Later. A reader suggests £160,000 would be a more accurate figure today.


Anonymous said...

You are trailing behind the Mail who are behind pre christmas local radio and pub gossip with this one.

Jonathan Calder said...

All gossip will be gratefully received.