Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adrian Sanders: We have lost a whole generation of supporters

The Daily Mail has picked up Adrian Sanders' article in the new Liberator:
In an article for the Liberator Magazine, he said the way the party had taken to the coalition had shattered trust. ‘We now face the brutal realisation that we have fractured our core vote, lost a generation of young voters, and alienated thousands of tactical voters in seats where it makes the difference between electoral success or failure.’

The MP went on: ‘We managed to split almost four ways on tuition fees and, to come, we have the challenge of unity over an NHS policy that should never have seen the light of day.’
Mr Sanders also accused Mr Clegg of failing to consult his own ministers, let alone ‘us humble backbenchers’ before intervening in Libya.
‘We seem to have let our party be taken over by a culture that has diluted our basic principles. In the eyes of the public, we have misplaced our integrity and lost our way,’ he said.
Read the whole article on the Liberator website.

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John Minard said...

another really positive headline, own goal!

Tom King said...

Having an honest and open discussion about the party's direction and principles is far more important than gaining positive headlines.

"Diversity" means white genocide said...

This is what you get for putting your faith in empty wordism.

Without an organic racial identity as a political framework you`re just expense-account fodder for any charlatan the media serves up.

Meanwhile,the white genocide program is in full swing.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.