Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six of the Best 155

"Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have already claimed a few victims during this election campaign, mostly from inexperienced candidates who have not thought through the consequences of their actions." Peter Black has the details.

Elizabeth Sidney is remembered by Julie Horten on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Tim Oliver on Politics Student believes the Liberal Democrats should embrace classical liberalism: "The party’s divisions have precluded the development of a strong ideological base – of a base that generates a clear ideological framework from which they can build a vision of how they want the country to be if they are in government. This has not prevented them from creating policies that many agree with; and indeed which may well prove to be extremely beneficial to the country at large as they work through. But it has prevented them from building a base of voters who identify with a vision that the party represents, rather than policies it espouses."

Byrne Tofferings argues that libertarians should support the European Union.

"As I watched the wedding unfold on television and looked at the Internet before and after the ceremony, I was struck by a realisation: cynicism is no more sophisticated than credulous acceptance. They are both default responses which have little merit." Tom Greeves considers yesterday's events.

Spaghetti Gazetti looks forward to the Shropshire Olympian Festival on 17-19 June at The Quarry, Shrewsbury.

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"mostly from inexperienced candidates"

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