Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Lost Pubs Project

Welcome to The Lost Pubs Project:
Although there are 60,000 pubs still in existence in the UK today, they are closing at the rate of 25 per month. Once closed they rarely reopen as most are either demolished or converted to housing.

Help us in our quest to index these lost pubs before they are forgotten for ever. If you know of a pub which has closed at any time in the past, please submit it, together with any anecdotes, historical information or photographs that you might have. Pubs do re-open from time to time, so if you see one on the site that is open please let us know.
The photograph, taken from the site, shows the former Black Lion on Welsh Street in Bishop's Castle. The building is certainly still there, but I started visiting the town some 10 years too late to have known it as a pub.

Later. It seems I only just missed the Black Lion. I first visited Bishop's Castle in 1989 and it closed only a couple of years before that.

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