Monday, April 18, 2011

UKIP's Leicester Mayoral candidate goes missing

Today's Leicester Mercury reports that Regine Anderson, the UKIP candidate in the current Leicester Mayoral election
has not appeared at any of the hustings events so far, and party organisers have said she does not plan to attend any of them.
Certainly she does not appear to be at De Montfort University's Big Debate, which is currently streaming live on the web.

Where can she be? The Mercury suggests a solution to the mystery:
During Mr Farage's visit on Saturday, the party's Leicester South by-election candidate, Abhijit Pandya, told the Mercury Ms Anderson was busy studying for her A-levels but would be releasing a statement this week.
I wish her the best of luck with her exams. But the greater mystery must be why she was ever chosen in the first place.

And an even greater mystery is what policies a UKIP mayor would pursue.


Steve said...

This looks like a UKIP publicity stunt - stick a phantom candidate on the ballot and hope for column inches.

It was a stupid move though and seems to have backfired badly because it looks as if they are holding the electorate in contempt. Why vote for a party that can't be bothered to field genuine candidates?

Unknown said...

Maybe they'd pull Leicester out of the EU?