Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Council Candidate of the Day goes to Derby Conservative

Our winner is Ashley Waterhouse, a Tory standing in the Normanton ward of Derby City Council, who rang the city's BBC local radio station under a false name to take part in a phone in.

The subject of the phone in was honesty in politics.

If you listen to his interview on the BBC website, it is hard to avoid forming the impression that Mr Waterhouse is not the sharpest pencil in the polling booth.

And an honourable mention to Phil Bailey, chairman of Derby South Conservative Association, for his comment: "I think it was a genuine mistake, I don't think it was deceit and lies."

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crewegwyn said...

Can I offer Lozzer Hobday (no description, Chelford Ward, Cheshire East UA) as candidate name of the day?

Interesting chap. Self-made millionaire, Conservative, then went Martin Bellite Independent [in protest at handling of Neil Hamilton], then joined Labour, now 'no description'.