Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More privately educated Guardian journalists

Three years ago I directed you to a Private Eye item listing the many prominent Guardian journalists who had been privately educated. And the list keeps growing.

It wasn't such a surprise to learn that Marina Hyde attended the same school as Kate Middleton, but who would have thought that Bidisha attended Haberdashers' Aske's? I had assumed that she only had one name because her parents were so poor. It turns out it was pretension all along.

Then this morning Richard Williams, discussing the overuse of the whip by jump jockeys, wrote:
Future generations will look back in astonishment that the use of the implement was ever permitted, just as the application of the cane to schoolboys' bare bottoms now seems like the relic of Dickensian history, even though it persisted so recently that some of us can still feel the sting.
You had to shell out for a pretty exclusive prep school to be confident your young son would be treated like that.

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Unknown said...

It is remarkable how quickly Guardian censors clear any comments about their writers from CiF.