Friday, April 15, 2011

Six of the Best 150

"I have no doubt that the government’s social mobility strategy is needed and that the intentions behind it are honourable. But the misuse of statistics (and probably where no misuse is required) does nothing to further the cause of reform." Just One More Ten Pence Piece... introduces us to the concept of reversion to the mean.

The Liberal Democrats are paying the price for basing their last election campaign on the idea that Nick Clegg was the man of the moment, argues Solution Focused Politics.

Uprising Live explains how the left got it wrong by opposing intervention in Libya.

A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of interest in the rumour that the NUS leader Aaron Porter might put himself forward as the Labour candidate in the Leicester South by-election. Was there ever anything in it? Political Scrapbook thinks there was.

Play Political has the video of a Sky News report showing how Ed Miliband's aides tried to cover up the fact that he was travelling first class.

"From local specialities to homemade treats, shopping at Britain’s farmers’ markets is a great way to get stuck into premium produce and support local farmers." The Ecologist presents its top 10.


Jon said...

You should take a closer look at the regression to the mean issue. The press release is very misleading - part of the explanation in his actual article is that there are two means i.e. rich kids are smart, poor ones are stupid.

dreamingspire said...

According to a news report, Ed came clean by saying that the train operator made him have the filming done in first class. I certainly would not want a film crew in cattle class - not enough room for the real passengers, so don't need a politician grandstanding with the film crew.

As for The Ecologist, my greatest Farmer's Market is the one nearest to me, and its not ecologically right to travel further afield. So how does their web site get in Six of the Best?