Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nick Clegg: The musical

Euan Ferguson writes in today's Observer:
Least likely contender for Spring Hit in Theatre-World, I think it's safe to say, is going to be Nicked. It's basically a musical about Nick Clegg, written by a performance poet: that's when it's not being a play about the alternative vote.

Not, on paper, I think you'll agree, the most urgently prepossessing of dramatic ideas. And although political theatre does have a proud tradition, and the TV/film adaptations of aspects of the Blair years were enthralling, there's also a particular recent history of turkeys, especially when "satire" is advertised within. Also… well, Cleggy. Isn't he a bit obvious? Isn't this what we call a laughably soft target?

Fears totally unfounded. Preconceptions proved damnably and delightfully wrong. Watching early rehearsals for Nicked, one of the productions showcased in this year's HighTide festival in Suffolk, it's clear this could be a thing of brilliance. And, actually, something Mr Clegg might want to travel to Halesworth to see ... because it manages the seemingly impossible at the moment: it humanises the Lib-Dem leader, and makes you think again.
You can read more about Nicked on the Hightide Festival website.

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