Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Six of the Best 147

Cllr Fraser Macpherson marks the launch of the Liberal Democrat manifesto for the Scottish parliamentary elections.

"In the wake of a series of anti-cuts rallies outside council buildings recently I thought I'd look at them through a slightly different lens - that of the original gentle rebel, Colin Ward." libcom.org considers the wisdom of the British anarchist writer who died last year.

John Hemming is not impressed by the outcome of the Ministry of Justice's family justice review: "The review panel consisted substantially of people who run the service rather than people who have experience of how it does things. Hence they are likely to endorse much of the current processes."

Teesside Airport airport has a railway station - with two trains a week. Lib Dem councillor Maureen Rigg describes an attempt by a small group of enthusiasts to catch one of them.

"The University of York may be facing serious repercussions after leaking private and personal details of the whole student body," says York's student newspaper Nouse.

Backwatersman, writer of Go Litel Blog, Go..., attended the first day's play of 2011 at Leicestershire's Grace Road ground in Leicester: "I rather like the look of one E. Eckersley, a man with no squad number who was down to bat at number six ... Encouragingly, he comes equipped with an impressive portfolio of nicknames - Ned, Eckers, Chef, Twiggy, Jazza, Flanders, Ernest and Aubrey. He is on trial at the moment, and I say we take him on, on the basis of the nicknames alone."

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