Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Those 11 Leicester Mayoral candidates in full

  • Regine Anderson (UKIP)
  • David Bowley (Independent)
  • Mohinder Farma (Unity for Peace and Socialism)
  • Geoff Forse (Green)
  • Ross Grant (Conservative)
  • Gary Hunt (Lib Dem)
  • Rick Moore (Independent)
  • Nima Patel (Independent)
  • Mu-hamid Pathan (Independent)
  • Peter Soulsby (Labour)
  • Lee Sowden (Independent)
Thanks to the Leicester Mercury. And thanks to the Mercury too for directing us to this map of where the candidates live.

1 comment:

Herbert Eppel said...

It is interesting to note that Rick Moore, who portraits himself as "a Leicester man through and through", doesn't actually live in Leicester. Somewhat disingenuous, perhaps?