Wednesday, April 06, 2011

David Jack and Credit Card Killer revisited

Later. David Jack was subsequently exonerated.

Do you remember David Jack?

He was the man forced to resign as Liberal Democrat PPC for Stoke-on-Trent North in January of last year after claims were made that he had sent racist emails. And it also turned out that he had been involved in a long-running campaign against the company Credit Card Killer.

Earlier today anonymous comments were left on the two posts linked to above. They said that Jack had been exonerated after a police investigation and made various claims about the owners of the company.

As I could not find anything on the web to support those claims I have deleted the comments. But in the course of my research I did find this notice from Birmingham Trading Standards posted last year:
Birmingham Trading Standards has successfully obtained an interim Enforcement Order against 'debt sale' company Momentum Network Ltd trading as Credit Card Killer.

The Order, granted in Birmingham County Court, prevents Momentum Network Ltd and its owners, Mr and Mrs Basil Rankine, from:

- engaging in the unfair commercial practice of 'debt sale' whereby consumers are offered the opportunity to 'sell' their consumer credit debts without the consent of the original creditor
- making misleading claims that they can, for example, make consumers 'debt free in 2 weeks by buying their debt for £1'
- carrying on ancillary credit business as defined in the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
This is an interim Order obtained under the Enterprise Act 2002 and will remain in place until 21 April 2011 or until a further order is made.
However, the Credit Card Killer website claims in what appears to be its characteristic prose style:
Due to many incorrect reports in the media that the company has been closed down we are glad to say CCK is still trading, we are looking at our marketing literature in light of the courts comments, but as to our knowledge the law has not changed since the order was made or the past court judgments that support what we do. The interim order is not drafted precisely as some reports state, even the OFT have failed to reproduce the exact wording of the order.
If you know more about this case please send me an email rather than leave anonymous comments.

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