Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lord Bonkers' Diary: AV reaches Rutland

Lord Bonkers answers another problem sent in by a Liberator reader.

Forgive my ignorance. Me Father, un, Granfather, and ’is Father stood alongsides yer Lordships campaigning fer tha vote, an we gottit an bin voting Bonkers ever since. Even me ol’ Gran, who does the laundry fer yer Lordships followed ’er Ladyship as one of those Insufferajets and she voted Bonkers an’ all. Now that Master Clegg o’yours is askin’ us for an alternative vote, but roun’ ere we’re always votin’ fer a Bonkers. Wass all this about ‘Alternatives’?Johnboat Goudhearte, Rutland

Yes, her Ladyship was a brave campaigner for Votes for Women (though I did feel sorry for that poor horse).

Rest assured, Goudhearte, the Alternative Vote will make no difference to the way we conduct our politics here in the Bonkers Hall ward.

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