Friday, April 08, 2011

Come to Leicester South, the political weather is lovely

Later. If you have come here from Conservative Home, please read this.

I know many Liberal Democrats are busy with their own local elections - I was pounding the pavements of Market Harborough myself yesterday evening - but if you can spare some time to come to the Leicester South by-election and help Zuffar Haq it will be well used.

Because this is no Barnsley Central: we are not going to finish sixth. This time we are running a proper campaign and Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes, Danny Alexander and Lorely Burt have all been to Leicester in the past week.

Leicester South is a seat that was held by the Liberal Democrats only six years ago. And in Zuffar we have an impressive candidate with strong local roots. Meanwhile the Leicester Labour Party is busy falling out with itself having had Ed Miliband's PR man parachuted in as its candidate.

The Liberal Democrat campaign headquarters are at 66 London Road, close to the railway station. And, if you want a further incentive, they are even closer to one of the best Indian restaurants in Leicester - The Curry House - which is literally next door. Or you could try the Kayal just down the road.

Since you ask, here is the Leicester CAMRA guide.

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