Saturday, April 16, 2011

It seems I am now writing for Conservative Home

Yesterday evening I wrote a short post giving the names of the five candidates standing in the Leicester South by-election.

Being fond of self-deprecating humour, I added the comment:
My prediction - "this is no Barnsley Central: we are not going to finish sixth" - is looking safer by the day.
The link takes you to an earlier post I wrote about Leicester South.

This morning Jonathan Isaby wrote a post on Conservative Home, also giving the names of the five candidates. And then he added the comment:
The last time there were as few as five candidates contesting a by-election was in Cheadle in 2005, so Lib Dem blogger Jonathan Calder can sleep soundly in the knowledge that his prediction that "this is no Barnsley Central: we are not going to finish sixth" will come to fruition.
A remarkable coincidence, don't you think? It looks very much as though Isaby has lifted one of my jokes and then deployed it in a way calculated to make me look silly. Already Sunder Katwala has tweeted about the "wit of @isaby".

I did try leaving a comment pointing this out on Conservative Home, but at the time of writing it has yet to be approved. (Later. It has now appeared. Thank you.)

Still, we are in a coalition now, so there is no reason why I shouldn't write jokes for Conservative Home. But I would prefer it if we could agree a rate of payment in advance next time.

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proletariangwyn said...

Typical Tories! Taking advantage of a working man and not paying him the going rate.