Monday, April 25, 2011

Six of the Best 153

"Either we withdraw to a traditional 'no fly zone' operation or NATO declares war on Gaddafi; these are the only two options left to NATO – it has promised not to abandon the Libyan people." Daniel Furr discusses our narrowing choices in Libya.

The Sandals Are Off believes that the longer the AV debate goes on, the more people will come over to the Yes side. He also criticises the limp leadership of Ed Miliband on this issue.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown should have been invited to the Royal Wedding, argues David Skelton on Platform 10.

Welcome to Spiderplant Land has visited the miniature railway at Knaphill in Woking.

"From the opposite end of the century, we are still reassessing the myths. But the fascination of that frozen hut, heaped with the debris of Edwardian gentlemen explorers, remains irresistible and unarguably poignant." Shaking Out the Colours considers the lure of Captain Scott's hut in Antarctica.

Rockingham Forest Cider celebrates the blossom season - thanks for the loan of the picture.

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