Friday, April 22, 2011

Six of the Best 152

Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice, Merlene Emerson gives her impressions of Leicester South after being one of the busload of activists who came up from London last Saturday. (Thanks for the lift back to Zuffar Haq's HQ, by the way.)

Stephen Tall, also on Liberal Democrat Voice, defends a Liberal Democrat candidate who has been outed by her local paper as appearing in photos on a fetish site. My reaction was that this is just what you would expect in Northamptonshire, but you may find Stephen's take more enlightening.

I may just have chosen two of their articles, but Keith Nevols believes we need another Lib Dem Voice: "We need somewhere where we can have frank discussions about what we should be doing better, what went wrong at the last election, why our poll ratings are in single figures, how should we approach the next election, how can we make the coalition work and our own role within it, and, above all, where we can criticise our party’s leadership and have a proper debate and exchange of ideas?"

Richard Kemp has welcomed the move by Liberal Democrat peers to have government plans for Police Commissioners to be piloted in certain areas before they are brought in nationwide.

Think carefully before you call someone "a dinosaur" as an insult, counsels Insidious.

Not all is well in the Shropshire village of Snailbeach, reports Snailbeach Sheep: "the school is under threat, the toilets got a reprieve at the 11th hour, the church and chapels have dwindling congregations and spiralling costs, the road is slipping sideways down the hillside and the council haven't got the funds to pull it back up and on top of all that - pylons are thought to be a good idea for the valley."

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