Friday, April 08, 2011

Six of the Best 148

Mark Cole is excited that Nick Clegg came to Ceredigion today: "quite possibly the first time that that has been said of a top ranking Government Minister in 90 years since Lloyd George came to Ceredigion in 1921."

"The future for Nick Clegg and the party is deeply uncertain but one thing they need not worry about is what the mainstream media is saying today because today their opinion doesn’t count for much and come the next General Election their opinion will count for even less." The Rambles of Neil Monnery is not concerned by current press hostility towards the Lib Dem leader.

Political Valley has a thought-provoking quote for the weekend from A.J.P. Taylor.

"A couple of the teachers at my old comprehensive were particularly unskilled at explaining their thinking and struggled to remember facts. At the time I had no idea this would soon be regarded as a cutting-edge educational strategy." David Thompson is unimpressed by socialist thought on education.

Wartime Housewife has a recipe for Tyneside floddies - a sort of rosti of the North East.

And there is good news from the Brixton Windmill restoration blog. Yes. Seriously.


Mark Cole said...

Having done some additional research, it seems as if my written hunch may have been accurate.

It seems that Harold Wilson may well have been in Cardigan in Ceredigion in September 1974 which would've been when he was PM.

I need to verify this mind!

dreamingspire said...

Prof Vernon Bogdanor at IPPR this week: every coalition govt that the Liberals were part of resulted in a split in the Liberal Party. But he is a historian, so does not predict the future. And IPPR may have taken up the challenge to research the possible effect of the new media, social networks, and the global reach of so many younger people.