Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Introduction to my problem page

Liberator 345 is on its way to subscribers. As well as an article by Adrian Sanders asking why the Liberal Democrats were so unprepared for government, it contains the diary of my employer Lord Bonkers. This time he has devoted it to answering his readers' problems. Here he introduces his new idea.

Every morning, the postman brings a heavy mailbag (perchance one sewn by a former Labour MP?) through the lodge gates, along the drive and up to the Hall – I have to say that he has pedalled more slowly since my safari park closed, but I suppose that is social reform for you. A typical day’s haul will see an appeal for advice from a council candidate faced with a tricky by-election, an invitation to speak at a conference on Land Reform, a request to write the foreword for the benefit brochure of a first-class wicketkeeper, a letter inquiring about places at the Bonkers Home for Well-Behaved Orphans from one of today’s modern two-career couples and much else besides.

It occurred to me that I might do worse than share some of these letters and my replies with the amusing young people who read Liberator magazine. Who knows? If it goes down well, I may even repeat the exercise. Though space here is limited, let me emphasise that every letter sent to Bonkers Hall is read and replied to on the same day (particularly if it contains a cheque or a postal order).

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