Thursday, August 30, 2018

"Let Worthington's Feed You": A forgotten Leicester grocery chain

When I came across this old sign above the door of a cafe in Aylestone, I assumed that it was a rather fanciful add for Worthington's beer.

But I was wrong, as a recent article in the Leicester Mercury by Jane Goddard showed.

It began:
We wonder how many of our readers recall Worthington’s Cash Stores, the local chain of grocery shops with their memorable slogan, “Let Worthington’s feed you”? 
By 1960, the company had 47 branches, the vast majority within Leicester, but also in the county, and in Coventry, Northampton, Nuneaton and Rugby. 
Founded by Charles T. Worthington in 1891, the first of many stores was at 18 Humberstone Road, Leicester.


Unknown said...

Apparently my Uncle ran Worthingtons in Nuneaton and received a gold watch as it was their 100th store! Any other information about the stores would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

I have a teaspoon celebrating 100 shops in 1938