Sunday, August 05, 2018

Six of the Best 809

"Cuts to local authority budgets have hit big, urban, metropolitan districts disproportionately hard despite these being where community need for good quality green-space is highest." Ian Rotherham examines the mass felling of healthy street-trees in Sheffield.

"Officers have threatened me with a complaint to the council’s monitoring officer if I leak a word of secret conversations on future development sites around Ludlow," reports Andy Boddington.

The long-lasting benefits of a school garden - supporting health and wellness, encouraging students to choose nutritious foods - are set out by Leah Shafer.

Alicia Chilcott attended the oral history and sound heritage conference hosted by University of Leicester Library.

"He was at times brilliant, unearthing horrors and using the power of publicity to secure reform, and at times appalling, bending the truth and ruining people’s lives as he abandoned accuracy for melodramatic fiction." Mark Pack on Britain’s first investigative journalist W.T. Stead.

Transdiffusion Broadcasting System reprints a 1977 article about Thames Television Children’s Department.

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