Thursday, August 02, 2018

Six of the Best 808

Caron Lindsay has the floor: "Can I just make a very polite suggestion to those who are briefing the press about potential changes to the way we elect leaders and who can stand in those elections to make sure that they understand our party’s processes for doing these things?"

"It is late, but not too late, for Lord Hall to withdraw his “guidelines” and admit an honest mistake. If he does not, history will judge both him and BBC coverage harshly, when it is too late to do anything about it." Raymond Snoddy says the Beeb's policy on Brexit is not impartial.

Anthony Broxton reminds us how hard the Tories fought the introduction of the Minimum Wage.

"Material that had generated playful hysteria live read as wilfully obscure on camera, and the axe soon fell." Stewart Lee on the cancellation of his BBC series Comedy Vehicle.

Nigel Kneale's 1968 television play The Year of the Sex Olympics foresaw the advent of Love Island and much else, argues Jonathan Hayward.

Jeannette Catsoulis reviews Nico, 1988 - the film about the singer's tormented final years.

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