Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Harborough constituency now backs Remain

More than 100 parliamentary constituencies that voted Leave now back Remain, according to research commissioned by the campaign groups Best for Britain and Hope not Hate.

The Best for Britain site has mapped the results. Click on the Harborough constituency and you will see the following figures.

In 2016 Harborough voted Remain 47.8 per cent, Leave 52.2 per cent.

Today the figures are Remain 50.6 per cent, Leave 49.4 per cent.

The Guardian explains the study's methodology:
Researchers at the Focaldata consumer analytics company compiled the breakdown by modelling two YouGov polls of more than 15,000 people in total, conducted before and after Theresa May published her proposed Brexit deal on 6 July. 
It combined the polling with detailed census information and data from the Office for National Statistics. ... 
The 632 seats in England, Scotland and Wales were examined for the study. It found that 112 had switched from Leave to Remain. The new analysis suggests there are now 341 seats with majority Remain support, up from 229 seats at the referendum.

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