Saturday, August 18, 2018

Six of the Best 812

"And it was certainly a dramatic landslide – with diners in the National Liberal Club dancing on the tables as victory after victory was reported." Mark Pack on the 1906 Liberal landslide.

ConservativeHome is a hotbed of Conservative Islamophobia, says Simon Childs.

Adam Segal looks at the prospect of China becoming a cyber super-power: "If this happens, the Internet will be less global and less open. A major part of it will run Chinese applications over Chinese-made hardware. And Beijing will reap the economic, diplomatic, national security, and intelligence benefits that once flowed to Washington."

What went wrong with the Ben Stokes trial? The Secret Barrister explains.

JohnBoy pays tribute to the publisher John Calder: "John, who has died at the age of 91, was in his late twenties in the late 1950s when let in the light on dreary post-war Britain with his publication of a flood of progressive foreign writers and became the scourge of its conservative literary establishment in the process."

You can watch Elvis Costello and his band Flip City playing in 1974 on Open Culture.

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nigel hunter said...

Where China is concerned it looks like King Canute trying to stop the waves,An ominous report.It brings to mind the US companies that are wanting to enter the Chinese market but China will let them in on China's terms only.

Conservative Home-Are these comments coming from Ukippers who have gone back to their original party? To me Labour and Conservative parties are no longer 'fit for purpose'and the political system needs to change.They are fostering disunity in a rapidly changing World.