Sunday, August 19, 2018

Swinging Blue Jeans: You're No Good


The Bluegenes as they where known in the early years, formed in 1957 and, like most Liverpool groups, started out playing skiffle. They progressed from playing dance halls and church halls to the Cavern Club combining skiffle with trad-jazz. 
In 1961, Cavern DJ BobWooler, compiled a Top 10 list of the best Liverpool groups, he placed The Beatles at No.1 but beneath his list he added ‘excluding the Bluegenes, they are beyond comparison, in a class of their own’.
Today the Swingng Blue Jeans are mostly remembered for their two big British hits: Hippy Hippy Shake from 1963 and this from the following year.

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Walsie said...

Apropos today's hijab and burqa controversies, it is worth noting the longevity of the female headscarf in Britsh society, even up until the late 1960's. It wasn't just for the middle aged or elderly - the girl on the Liverpool Corporation omnibus in the SBJ video was looking moody below this semi-veil......