Friday, August 10, 2018

Six of the Best 810

Nick Harvey introduces the Liberal Democrats' 2017 general election review - or at least the version that has been made public.

"The proposed Lib Dem immigration policy is simply not fit for purpose. I knew this as soon as I saw the consultation questions, which were all on the theme of 'immigration: threat or menace?' and 'how much should we punish immigrants? A lot, or more than that?'" Andrew Hickey tells it like it is.

Martin Sewell asks why there has been no Church of England inquiry into the crimes of John Smyth.

Peter Kinderman presents six 'psychological' terms that psychologists never use.

"Dickens uses the "no-popery" uprising inspired by Lord George Gordon’s inflammatory rhetoric against the Roman Catholic "infiltration" of Britain in the 18th century as a means of attacking mob mentality and the hijacking of political causes for crude personal gain. Recommended reading in Brexit Britain, trust me." Joe Sommerlad praises Barnaby Rudge - and seven other lesser-known novels by well-know authors.

"It’s one of those sad English clerk and wife experience strange mystic growth in the dreary London suburbs-type possibly-fairies affairs." John Holbo has been reading Arthur Machen/s A Fragment of Life.

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