Friday, August 31, 2018

Lord Bonkers foresaw the split in United for Change

This news in The Times this morning:
A new centre party preparing to launch next year has already lost its chief executive, who is now setting up a separate political organisation. 
United for Change, which promises an “alternative to the divisive and extremist politics we see at Westminster”, was founded by Simon Franks, an entrepreneur. His co-founder, Adam Knight, the former chief executive, has left with some of his staff and is running a new outfit.
will have come as no surprise to readers of Lord Bonkers' Diary.

In June the old brute met Freddie and Fiona at a street market in London:
"We’ve started a new political party," he tells me enthusiastically. "We’re going to unite the centre of British politics and win the next election." 
I ask who he expects will vote for them. "Oh, everybody. You know, sensible people. The sort of people who worked at Liberal Democrat HQ between 2010 and 2015." 
"And is Fiona a member too?" I ask. 
"She’s started her own centre party. Their stall is over there behind the falafels."

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