Friday, August 24, 2018

Six of the Best 813

"You need to comprehend how opposition to Corbyn has fractured into four groups: the Stay and Fighters; the Conscientious Objectors; the Brexit Firsters and the Policy Platformers." Stephen Bush, concludes that a Labour split is inevitable.

Meanwhile, John Rentoul argues that the Labour leader ran a brilliant campaign last year but won't be able to repeat it.

Let's blow up all the hospitals, says Kim Bellard.

Tanvi Misra on the renaissance of adventure playgrounds: "Trying to build a playground with the goal of removing uncertainty altogether is not only futile, it’s also counterproductive, and removes the potential for teaching kids skills they’ll need to navigate the real world."

Stunning photographs of the Faroe Islands from Chris Hall.

Nicholas Whyte takes us to Wroxeter in Shropshire - the buried Roman city of Uriconium. "All slightly eerie, but very fascinating. Recommended, if you are in that part of England."

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