Monday, August 20, 2018

The Feathers in Ludlow has closed

Sad but not unexpected news from the Ludlow Advertiser:
One of the most iconic landmarks in Ludlow has closed with the loss of 16 jobs. 
The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow has closed its doors after going into administration. 
It is hoped that a buyer can be found and that the building can reopen again at some point as a hotel. 
Ongoing trading difficulties as the result of a legionnaires outbreak in 2017, meant that it was no longer viable for the business to remain open. The Company entered administration on Thursday, August 2.
The Feathers, with its spectacular half-timbering, is certainly is one of the town's most striking buildings. When I arranged to meet a friend there once I felt like I was in the opening chapter of an interwar thriller.

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