Friday, August 03, 2018

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The new Liberator has arrived, so it's time for a look at the party gossip section Radical Bulletin.

There is the inside story of the push to create Liberal Democrat "supporters":
Deep in a boring motion on subscriptions due to be put to the Brighton Conference, Federal Board members were not amused to find a reference to a £5 rate for 'supporters'. 
The FB removed it, having smelled a rat that some new category of membership was being smuggled in by being buried in a business motion few would read. 
The Federal People and Development Committee was equally unamused to find plans being laid for a 'supporters' category without it having been told - let alone consulted - and began to make noises.
All of which leaves us here:
There will now be a consultation in September before anything happens - though a fair amount of "Vince wants" may be expected.
In Radical Bulletin you can also read of rumblings about the precise status within the party of Your Liberal Britain and some extraordinary news from the candidate selection in a former Lib Dem seat.

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