Sunday, August 05, 2018

My Liberator review of A Very English Scandal

When each new issue comes out, Liberator posts a couple of articles from it online in pdf format. This time my review of the BBC drama A Very English Scandal is one of them:
Hugh Grant’s performance as Jeremy Thorpe has been rightly praised. As well as his arrogance, Grant showed us why Thorpe was an attractive figure to liberally minded voters, particularly in the scenes set in the Commons chamber. I thought no actor would be able to get near to Thorpe’s ugly-handsome, doglike face, but there were times when Grant made me see it. 
It is no criticism of Grant to say that the script never showed us what a formidable local campaigner Thorpe must have been. When he gained North Devon for the Liberals in at the general election of 1959, it was an extraordinary feat. 
I was also going to suggest that Thorpe must have had more charisma than Grant showed us, given the lengths to which others were prepared to go to help him. Thinking about it, however, I have seen parties do that for the most mundane people. It was a sad fact about the nature of political allegiance rather than the function of some extraordinary feature of Thorpe’s personality that saw him so indulged.
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceI will post the whole thing here one day, but for the time being hurry over to the Liberator site to read it.

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