Monday, August 26, 2019

UPDATED: Britain no longer exports pork pies to Iceland and Thailand

It seems the prime minister wasn't telling porkies after all. We do export pork pies to Iceland and Thailand, though only in small quantities.

But if Boris Johnson thinks he will be able to put pressure on the US to relax its trade rules after Brexit he is in for a big disappointment. Then again, I am sure he know that.

For more on the realities of the pork pie industry, see this Twitter thread from Spartacus Mills - Walkers owns the Dickinson & Morris brand:
Even later:

From the Guardian:
It is understood that a small number of pies were sent to Iceland and Thailand as part of a trial in 2015, but Walker and Son have not exported pies to either country for at least a couple of years.


nigel hunter said...

Does this mean that TTIP is still in business ,I thought it had been dropped?
1% exports. ! His company might get a good deal from the US after all the paperwork but what about other countries? One deal at a time will take a lot of paperwork and man hours. What will the US want in return?

nigel hunter said...

Johnson if he refuses to give the EU the 39 million ,renages on a deal which other countries will be interested in dealing with us if we do not fill our obligations.
Mistrust, suspicion will hold countries back from making deals. They will be slower on the uptake when we wil be needing deals. That leaves us with the Trump Johnson axis what sort of hard deal wil the US push forward knowing we will be desperate for a deal as the economy slides?

nigel hunter said...

The country may not be devastated in the 1st year after Brexit but it will be a slow decline that people willl not notice as we get slowly poorer.